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Drugs tho

CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President

what kind of drugs do you regularly do, if any?

  • caffeine
  • nicotine
  • THC
  • DXM
  • Kratom

what kind of drugs do you want to do, if any?

  • Shrooms
  • MDMA
  • LSD
  • Ketamine


  • gabygaby Posts: 3Member

    i love drugs i love a weed. i want to do acid some day and also die

  • luckylucky Posts: 5Member

    none and none :) (apart from medicinal drugs)

  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President

    Holy shit a post

    cheat slacked off it seems so I might just ban all emojis

  • yhwhyhwh Posts: 2Member

    weed and (rarely) ketamine

    i used to be big on DXM and shrooms but meh I don't get anything out of them anymore

    LSD was only fun for me like twice then I just didn't get anything out of it except dull color changes and anxiety. I'd prefer DMT if given the option.

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