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Why is this place named after some random actress?

ImScummyImScummy Posts: 7Member

Was this originally a fan forum


  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President
    lol it's not some random actress she's a spiritual icon

    this is a fanclub dedicated to her, and it goes farther than that - we're changing the world through goodwill and positivity
  • gabygaby Posts: 3Member
    Hey op if my best friend Carmen wasn’t here spreading positivity and goodwill I’d be spreading ur asscheeks apart for even daring to say such blasphemy
  • BenBen Posts: 3Member

    Hey OP your so scummy that if I saw you on the streets i would instantly throw you behind bars. And I'm not even a cop. Have a good day :)

  • SaltbearerSaltbearer Posts: 12Member

    Actress??? dang, I thought she just got caught doing all that stuff on film.

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