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WRF Update -- For better or worse?

CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President

Do you prefer the old or new look?


  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President

    Okay, I love everything about this theme, especially the prominent WRF at the top, except for the color of the text. My first priority tomorrow is changing the wood panel background to just a regular dark grey background, and having this blazing white text be a light grey

    it will look a lot better but still keep things set together in this order

    the order I like, the wood background and white text not so much

  • ImScummyImScummy Posts: 7Member
    Fancy. I like it better than the "WE ARE AN EARLY 2000s FORUM" thing you had going on there
  • SaltbearerSaltbearer Posts: 12Member

    Post backgrounds: Make them a darker, desaturated, flat redwood color.

    Font weight: Too bold. Impossible to discern which topics are old and which are new. Or how many of these characters are bolded.

    Date format: why old posts don't gots them hours n minutes

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