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Shoplifting is bad.

clickflick22clickflick22 Posts: 1Member

It looks my post on shoplifting was deleted, and I have to assume it's because shoplifting is immoral and unforgivable. Thank you. Mods = Gods.


  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President

    I agree! Murder is bad, too - but does it really deserve a thread? And isn't it clear there's something ulterior you're trying to do here?

  • LesbianPirateLesbianPirate Posts: 12Director

    i used to shoplift candy bars from the dollar store and have felt bad ever since

  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President

    I legit used to shoplift drugs, it's not good at all

    I feel for winona, even though I shoplifted to get things and she did it because of a depression symptom, we both did a bad thing when we were in a bad place and it's in the past

    OP bringing this up time and time again is just needless

  • cowboycowboy Posts: 1Member

    shoplifting is... not bad

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