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Forum rules

CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President
edited May 2018 in The Lounge

1A: No toxicity directed toward a particular member. This includes harassment, outing personal information (or threatening to do so), or intentionally making someone feel unwelcome.

1B: No toxicity in general. This means that even if you aren't attacking someone in particular, your speech can still be negative and unwanted. This mainly applies to racism, bigotry, slurs, or other malicious ideas. Trolling also falls into this category.

2: No spamming. Don't post extremely long, un-original paragraphs of text. What spam is considered is up to secretary discretion.

3: Nothing illegal. This speaks for itself. Talking about doing drugs is fine, no one is kicking down any doors for that - but don't share copyrighted files or talk about killing someone, or anything serious like that.

1A: 7-day ban or permanent ban, depending on severity.

1B: 3-day ban or 1-day ban, depending on severity.

2: 1-day ban.

3: Permanent ban.


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