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Favorite thing about yourself?

CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President

can be personality, looks, doesnt matter

I'd say my morality


  • SaltbearerSaltbearer Posts: 12Member

    My cuckoldry fetish.

    My lover is the abstract concept of absurdity, and I love watching others play around with it.

  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 53President

    lol if you're going to have a fetish that isnt a bad one to have

  • LesbianPirateLesbianPirate Posts: 12Director

    i take pride in my open mind and open legs

  • SpidermanSpiderman Posts: 4Member
    edited May 2018

    favorite thing about myself? my mortality. knowing my time is luckily finite

  • DerpeZDerpeZ Posts: 2Member


    not to be an edgy teenager that hates themselves but i literally cannot think of anything

    i guess the color of my eyes??? theyre blue grey and i think its neat because its not really common

  • SinekSinek Posts: 4Member

    You are all my favourites.

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